Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My very first Graphic 45 Altered Object!

Right, this might need some explanation why this is such a huge deal for me...

Ever since I discovered Jim the Gentleman Crafter's blog I knew that he was my muse, my inspiration!

No kidding, his style is my style with the 1 big difference that I lack a lot of technique and have trouble gathering the right supplies for projects I have in mind.
The creativity is there, so are the ideas but the finished projects lack the perfect finish he has mastered and shows us with every single project he has shown us.

This time I was able to get my hands on the right supplies for a project I had in mind.
It's not as extensive as his projects tend to be and I didn't make the box myself, but it's a start.

The reason why this has been such a big deal for me is that, for the first time, I felt it all really came together when I finished the piece. It stands on my desk and every time I look at it I realize there is nothing I want to change about it and that is HUGE to me! Before this I always felt that I could have done better if I would just.. add, take of, have other supplies, better embellishments...

So, this is a milestone in my crafting journey and I have to thank Jim the Gentleman Crafter for giving me the inspiration to keep going and keep improving myself. So, thank you Jim for sharing your world with us all!

Here are some picture's :

The supplies I gathered included 2 sheets of Graphic 45 paper, Tim Holtz Ideaology Foundations, some basic paper that matches the colour of the Graphic 45 paper and later on I added some Bo Bunny paper from a 6x6 paper pad I used on a earlier project.

First I painted the box in a dark brown colour and then I started crafting and was so busy with it I forgot to make picture's!

So here is the end-result ;


Front open

Right Side


Left Side


 Some close-ups :

The Lock
The colour is a perfect match with the foundations but in the picture it shows up a lot lighter. 

The Foundations
I LOVE these, they are so beautifull!

Some distressing on all the paper edges

Some more distressing

A key I'm still working on.
It's a wooden Kaiser Crafts key which I don't want to attach to the box but keep is separate like you would any key.
I want to use some ribbons but I just haven't figured out how to attach them yet.
Work in progress!


  1. That is a gorgeous piece! Love all the details on it. I have the metal feet in my stash, but never used them for anything (loved how the look, but didn't know what to do with them. I hope you display this out somewhere where you and everyone else who comes over can enjoy it. I have never heard of this crater, so I am off to check him out! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  2. Dee! Thank you for the visit and sweetest comment ever! You liked my dance moves aye!?! Lol!!! Your blog is looking fine lady...love it! Do you have a Facebook? Would love to follow you there as well!!

  3. Dee: Happy Sunday to you! I had to pop over today to thank you for turning me on to the Gentleman Crafter! I had not known of him before, and since I saw your great piece, I have been following him and drooling over his 3D art. His tutorials are great, and the pieces are so creative. i haven't tried 3D stuff yet, but I have a feeling that when I have time to go shopping, I am picking up some stuff to try a panorama of my own!

  4. Hi there! Hope all is well. I tried to find a spot on here for "email", but don't see it. I wanted to see how you are. I have been addicted to Jim and his Graphic 45 stuff. A friend of mine made me think of you as she just returned from vacation and went to the Netherands. She LOVED it, and now I am hearing she wants to retire there in a place called Gouda. I know the cheese or course, but now I am seeing pics and see the charm. My friend is single and from Poland so she travels a lot, so I live vicariously thru her. Have a great weekend.

  5. Dee: Did you see the news that Jim the Gentleman Crafter will be working with Tim Holtz on projects! That will be incredible I am sure! Had to pop over to tell you.

  6. Jim & Tim, they are definitely a crafting-match made in heaven! I'll be posting new stuff soon. :-)