Thursday, 23 February 2012

A present for my sister in law.

What do you give to a beautiful woman?

A home-made jewellery box with a necklace inside might just be a good idea!

I started with a clean wooden "book" which I painted to make it look old. After that I glued some cut-outs from gears to the front and cut some angelwings out of different kinds of chipboard. The wings are only glued on the bottom part which is hidden by the little heart. This way the wings are not touching the box itself.
Here's a picture of the book standing open. 
I've glued some dark-red velvet on the inside for the more luxury effect of the jewellery box. The tiny silver dots on the sides are magnets which work as a lock when u close the box.
And offcours, a birthday card is included!
Beautiful women have no Age!
I've put the card inside. After that I bought a necklace and put the little giftbox from the shop underneath the card.  I don't have a picture of the necklace, maybe I'll add one later on.
 So, that's it, my first finished project of 2012!

I'm having a hard time finding real gears to use on the different projects.
I'm hoping this problem will be solved soon because I do believe the real ones will look better then the paper cut-outs I'm using right now.
And maybe someday I'll have the money to buy an Big Shot Die Cut Machine! Time to start saving!

The next project I'm going to make a blog about is one of my husbands.
He's converting a NERF-GUN into a steampunk-style gun and its looking good!

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