Saturday, 25 February 2012


A Steampunk transformation.

About a year ago my husband bought a Nerf-gun, just for fun.

Now, while I'm busy with my crafting, he finally had the inspiration to transform it into a steampunk-style gun.

This is the original design of the Nerf -Strikefire.
The most important part of taking apart a gun is making sure you remember how to assemble it again!
The bigger the gun, the more parts it has. This specific gun is relatively  easy to assemble. 
Once it was taken apart he spray-painted all the different parts  in a  flat black varnish.
After that he assembled all the pieces back together and started with the first step of dry-painting.
He used a Coffee Brown acrylic paint for the first layer.

This is what it looked like after the second step in dry-painting.
For this technique he used Citadel paint (also used for Warhammer) in the colours : Shining Gold, Scorched Brown,  Dwarf Bronze and Boltgun Metal.
He also glued a small piece of tube on top of the gun to serve as a gun sight.  
As a finishing touch I made a small chain with 2 charms which are symbolic for ; Angelic Justice.

I think it looks awesome!
He was able to transform the gun and keep the ability to use it.

Fun Fact :
In the victorian-time there was a gun company with the name New England Rifle Foundry
So, when you leave the NERF logo on the gun, it's not even completely inappropiate!

The next project I'm going to make a blog about is ;
A jewellery box turning Steampunk or Vintage?

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