Sunday, 20 May 2012

Simon Says Stamp and Show... Anything Goes! Challenge

After a little time without crafting I walked into my crafting room and realized... I have never used my own crafting room before!

How did this happen? I'll tell you;

A while ago my husband and I turned our room full of clutter into a clean crafting area. At the same time my husband was inspired by my crafting and started altering Nerf Guns.

So, I did use the room for crafting-storage but since we were crafting together I ended up in the living room, again and while I was not using the room, it became cluttered AGAIN!

Last friday, my husband left for a fun weekend out with his friends, I went into the room and started cleaning up.

I immediately noticed I needed to do some practical crafting to give it a personal touch and to add some extra storage space. It was one of those thing that are on your To-Do-List but you never get around to do them.

I decided to make that my first priority;

I started with some shoe-boxes I kept for storage but still needed to be altered.
They were from my daughters shoes so I had 4 boxes in 4 sizes.

And since this weeks SSSS Challenge is Anything Goes, I'm going to enter my "New Vintage Storage Boxes".

So far I finished 2 boxes;

The bigger box of the 2.

The smaller box of the 2.

The 2 of them stacked on top of eachother.

Simon Says Stamp and Show... Anything Goes! Challenge


  1. Lovely vintage storage boxes! The Design Team are really pleased that you joined us for the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge this week - Thank you!

  2. I love your boxes! They are so pretty...It is a great idea to decorate them to use for storage. I love that you alter things I must try this sometime. I enjoyed your article about your craft room. I am currently crafting in the basement. I have a spare room that we keep saying we are making into a craft room for me, but life keeps getting in the way.. I did empty it out a lot of the furniture, but still have to find the time. Maybe on a vacation? Thanks for the sweet comments..They made my day as always.