Monday, 30 April 2012


In the Netherlands we have this weird tradition (according to some foreign stand-up comedians) called Queens-Day.

What is it?

Simply the Queens birthday, or well, her moms birthday since our current queen decided not to chance the date when she became queen.
It is, and always has been, a national holiday and everywhere around the country there are sights to go to. From free concerts to flea markets.

Wether or not you are a fan of the monarchy, most people go out and have fun, especially when the weather is nice and warm like it was today!

We went to this huge flea market in the biggest park of the city we live in. There were about 60.000 visitors and hundreds of people selling their stuff.

And we went treasure-hunting and came out vitorious!!

Here are some picture's of our found treasure's :

vintage suitcase
decorative pistol
big old wooden clock
small old wooden clock

swing bank doll-size.
laurel & hardy
copper bird cage

6 school-stamps from the 1940's-1950's
43 pieces of lace

4 keychain rag doll animals

book-end dragon statue

parts of an old broken clock my husband dismantled when we got home

We wanted to find some clock parts we could use for our steampunk projects and we found plenty! The clocks (all 3 of them), the walking stick and the compas are all ment for steampunk projects.

The vintage suitcase reminded me of a project I once saw online where a woman turned it into a storage unit for all her crafting supplies. I loved it and made a mental note to make something like that someday. Now I need to find the website again where I saw it to check out how she made it!

The swing bank was an awesome find. I was looking for a piece of doll-size furniture which I would be able to "pimp"/alter into a colourfull edition for my daughters new Lalaloopsy Dolls. I didn't expect to find something so perfect!

The keychain rag doll animals are going to be pets for the Lalaloopsy's. I'm going to take of the keychain and thats that. They are the perfect style to match the dolls!

The bird cage, the gun and the dragon statue where present from my mom for me, my husband and our daughter. We love them all and they are going to get a special place in our house. The gun and the bird cage might even get a steampunk make-over one day!

The stamps and the lace were a happy suprise I didn't expect to find and I am sure they will end up on some of my future projects!

And Laurel and Hardy? Well, my father in law has a Laurel and Hardy collection and we figured it would be a fun, little gift!

Now, I am going to spend my evening relaxing and figuring out what to craft first! I missed out on a lot of awesome challenges and ideas this last week because of a lack of crafting time and I really need to catch up!
And I'm sure my husband is going to spend some time with the clock-works this week!

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and have fun!


  1. I thank you for explaining Queens-Day. I wasn't familiar with it. Very cool. I am glad you got to have some fun and search for vintage treasures. You sure got some great goodies.I am drooling all the way over here! Enjoy them. That suitcase and bench are super cool and the clock pieces are just screaming to be worked with..Have fun.

  2. Dee: Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I am thrilled that you take the time to look even when you are busy..That is just so kind. I am enjoying this new journey into blogging as I love that it is global and I can "virtually" meet great people. Have a great day.