Saturday, 23 June 2012

Glossy, Shiny, Metalic Bright Colours. 

When I say bright, I mean "put on your sunglasses before you look at it - bright"!

I had some metalic cardstock laying around which I bought at the local Dollar-Store (well, it's Euro-Store here but you get what I mean!) and although I really liked it, I didn't know what to do with it.

But, things chance and inspiration came looking around the corner.

We are giving our daughter potty-training.
She's 3 years old (april 28th) and untill recently totally not interested in potty training at all.
I talked to her teacher at her créche and she said : Make it a party! Have fun, Make it fun!

So I did! I crafted a weird apartment building on a big piece of paper with lots of windows and every time she would go on the potty she would get a Dora The Explorer Sticker to put in one of the windows.
She loves it and now she tries to go as much as possible just to get a new sticker!


But there is only 1 big window and 1 big sticker left which she will get when she does a number 2 on the potty!

I made it from plain crafting paper and used left-over paper from my scrapbook-papers to create the windows. Once all the windows are filled with stickers I'll take it of the door where it's hanging and I'll put some extra embellishments on there like a big yellow sun, a roof on each building and numbers on the doors.

The idea is to frame it as a piece of art and hang it in her room when she gets a room make-over.

Time to make a new project and get some new stickers.
This time I went for Little Pet Shop Animal Stickers and Zoobles Animal Stickers.
I made a very colourfull and HUGE Tree on which she can place the different animal stickers.
She saw the new project and immediately wanted to het started!

I used the same plain crafting paper I used for the apartment building for the background and the brown tree.
Then I used the metalic cardstock for the colourfull "leaves".
You really can't see it on the picture's but the colours are incredibly bright and that is exactly what my daughter like about it!

After I finished the tree I made something else that will be usefull. This time it's for my husband and myself.

He found this dvd-workout program to get in shape. It's called The Insanity Program.
We are both looking for a way to get back in shape with a program we can combine with our day-to-day live. This should be perfect because we can do it at home, whenever we have the time and space to do it.
In this specific program you have to keep track of your own personal progress.

Now, this all sounds like we are incredibly sporting people but we are NOT!
Since we both smoke and I gained a lot of weight while pregnant (most of which is already gone but not all!) it just seemed about time to get started with something that would get both of us back in shape.

So I bought 2 small basic notebooks and altered them with some of the bright cardstock I used for the tree.

The back of the notebooks are covered with the same paper I used for the background of the front.
Other then that I kept it simple; background paper, 1 tag shape and cardboard alpha's.

Again, you can't really see how bright the colours are on the picture's but atleast on these picture's the reflecting light shows a bit of the patterns of the paper. Each colour has a different pattern on it.
I did find out the next morning that the glue I used fades the colours of the cardstock on the notebook.
For some reason this didn't happen on the tree-project and I used the same glue for both projects.
I don't mind this unexpected effect because it makes it look distressed and I'm a big fan of distressing!!



  1. Hi Dee! What a great idea you had to make the potty training fun. The power of Dora and the Pet Shop are not to be believed. My nieces LOVED both of them when they were that age. She is 7 and loves all the Pet Shop animals still and plays with her 4 year old sister. I love your creations..>You can put them in a book for her for when she is older...That would be a fun story to tell her. I should exercise, and move..I sit all day as a receptionist...Now it is 98 degrees....I am lucky I go for a walk...Good luck with your program.. Can't wait to hear how you like it.

  2. this is way cool! Thanks for the Like on my page...Im liking you back :)