Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Going purple!

Last month I transformed a jewellery box Dee's Style.

My little girl (3 years old) immediately considered the other jewellery box as hers.
So, I've been transforming her box into a purple crafting-box for her own little crafting corner!

The box I used. It's exactly the same as the one I used before.  That's why I used the same picture's.
Inside of the box.
The foam I used. 

Because I'm going purple I chose the blue foam to make the shapes on the outside of the box. 
I went for the less is more attitude in this case. 
I spray-painted the box purple. 
After that I started coloring the shapes.

The front and side of the box after coloring. 

The back of the box after coloring the shapes. 

Inside there are some funny erasers.

And of course her own supply of pencils.


A jewellery box Going Purple!

And my little girl? She loves it!

I didn't put any special eyecatchers on it because I know she will try to get those off.
This way, it looks awesome and it's save to let her use it.
She is familiar with the "lock" and is very much able to open and close the box when she wants to.

I love making stuff for her, she is such an amazing inspiration!

I love you sweety!  ;-)

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