Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tim Holtz : 12 Tags of 2012 March.

From the moment I started browsing the internet and reading the different blogs I was excited about the different challenges that are avaliable for the crafting community.

So when I read about the 12 tags of 2012 challenge from Tim Holtz I immediately decided to join the experience.

Although I don't have any off the supplies he used I started to create a March Tag with the products I had in stock.

This is how it went :

I started out with a chipboard-shape which I painted in a dark brown colour. 

After that I used a lighter colour brown an tried to make it look like old wood.

The main focus of this tag is the text I've chosen, after that I added some light green flowers underneath using a stamp. 

I cheated with the butterflies, I bought a few cute 3D ones in the store since I didn't have anything to make them with.
I then used the mosaic technique Tim Holtz showed us to make a little heart and filled the emty spaces in between the mosaic pieces with a bronze shiny paint. And offcours a ribbon to finish it off!

And here is the best picture from the March Tag!
Well, this is it then!

My very first crafting challenge project is finished and I'm fairly proud of the result!

I wasn't able to make a better picture because of the different shiny pieces on the tag and the bad light in the room.

Looking back at the picture's I realize that it would have been more balanced if I made the text a bit bigger. The way it is now, it seems like the chipboard-shape is too big for the creation that's on top. But for a first try I think it looks decent enough.

Since I'm completely new to these challenges I really hope to get some comments from the more experienced crafters around.

Can't wait to start with a new tag next month!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. I love your tag! I love the different shape you used and your mosaic heart. That is a perfect sentiment for it too..

  2. Thank you so much!
    I'm really trying to achieve the level of crafting that most of the participants, like yourself, already have.
    You are an inspiration and I just love following your blog!
    Thank you for visiting mine.
    Greetz Dee