Thursday, 29 March 2012

Purple Spring!

My mom gave me an old alarm-clock to dismantle for the gears and other parts.
After reading Minxy's blog I was inspired to use the outside for a different project.

Here are the results :

All the different parts after taking apart the alarm-clock. 
The clock used to be black&white with a "cow" motive.
So, I decided to paint it purple.  
As you can see, the clock had a cow face on it as well! 

I absolutly love the end result!
Simple, Fun, Cute, Spring, Pretty, Loving It!

As promised, I won't use this in any challenge out of respect for Minxy's awesome and inspirational idea.

Thank you so much for the inspiration to make this lovely project!

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  1. Dee: This is darling! I have to learn to alter stuff..I love it. Thanks for the advice about the tulips..I didn't know I could plant them inside!! Cool..Happy Easter!!