Monday, 9 April 2012

April Inspiration Emporium Water Coloring Challenge part I

Ok, I read the challenge, watched some tutorials about different techniques, found 2 sets of scrapbooking-sets and got started.

Here's the first one:

I used a little acrylic paint and a lot of water.
I worked in layers of colour, sprayed some water on a waterresistent piece of paper,
coloured the water with the paint and dabbed the canvas in the water.
Let the layer dry and do it again with another colour. 
The scrapbooking-set was a blue/green coloured  set of birds and flowers.

I made a lay-out spread out over 2 canvas.

A close-up from the flowers on the right canvas.

A close-up from the flowers on the left canvas.
The 2 of them together.
This is the picture I'm going to link to the
April Inspiration Emporium Water Coloring Challenge

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  1. Hi Dee. Love you layouts on canvas. Those blues and greens are great together..I love the birdhouse! I read your other post and had to look up about Kit clubs as I wasn't familiar with them either. Interesting, but I think I am the kind of person who needs to chose for myself. I save for stuff I have to have like the distress markers and so I just buy as I go. Thanks for sharing this with me as I learned something new today.

  2. Hi Winnie, Thank you for your lovely comment! And I agree, picking out your own supplies is more my style then getting a monthly kit send home. I love the search for new supplies! However, I have to admit that the April Kit from swirlydoos looks really good! Something I'm putting on my wish-list for now, after the BIG number 1 wish : A Big Shot! lol!