Monday, 9 April 2012

Swirlydoos April Kit Reveal Blog-Hop!

What a wonderfull way of showing the newest scrapbooking supplies!

I absolutely enjoyed the adventure of finding the "special words" in this world of wonderfull crafting projects.

The words made a Question and you had to leave behind a comment with your Answer. This was mine;

Hop Hop Hop, That was so much fun to go! I've seen so may beautifull, lovely, cute and wonderfull projects that all I want now is start crafting!

The Question : Name At Least Three Important Criteria In Choosing A Kit Club.

The Answer : Untill todat I didn't know about Kit Clubs so I did some research to figure out what they are all about and I get it now!

My 3 criteria would be:
1) Style, which style does the kit-club use the most and does it fit my own style.
2) What is in the monthly kits and what is the price.
3) Variety, do you get something different each month or is it pretty much the same. 

Unfortunately I have a small budget for my crafting supplies and the Kit Clubs wouldn't be an option because it would be a returning spend. I absolutely love the kits from swirlydoos and I would like to buy some of those, one day!

Thank you for this lovely journey through the designing world of swirlydoos!

Greetz Dee

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