Tuesday, 17 July 2012

First arrival of new Goodies!!

Well, as soon as I recieved the Big Shot I placed an order for the Tim Holtz Die Pick and the Tim Holtz Alterations Bigs Die Gears.
The Die Pick because of what it is, a tool to clean out your dies, and the Bigs Die Gears because I know that's the Die I'm going to use the most.

Days went by and I didn't recieve anything. Not an email that the package had been send, not a package in my mailbox.. and since I was impatient to start with I send the company an email last friday.

That same evening I got a call from the owner;
Something went wrong because I should have had a call earlier from one of his employees.
The Bigz Gears, just like the Big Shot, are unavailable in europe because of the problems with the distributor in Germany.
His best guess was that they would arrive somewhere next month maybe..
Offcours the Die Pick was in stock so what to do now?

I asked him if he had any other Bigz Dies in stock and he had.
So, the solutions for this particulair order was to swap the Gears Dies for the Weathered Clock Die, it was on my "wish-list" anyways, just on a lower piority then the gears were.
The guy was relieved that I didn't make a bigger problem out of it and promised me he would send it immediately, and he did! Including some free doily-like metalic shine stickers, which was a suprise!

So today I found my new goodies in the mail! YAY!!

At least now I can really start using my Big Shot for some of the awesome projects I have in mind!
And, my sister helped me out with the Gears problem. She lives in the UK and Amazon.co.uk still had 1 of them in stock which she ordered for me and will arrive somewhere between July 20th and July 26th.

And with this lovely package of goodies came a message from the post office that they tried to deliver a international package but I wasn't home. I can pick it up tommorrow. Which probably means that my Spellbinders have arrived!

I love receiving goodies!! :-)

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  1. I am so happy for you! Those goodies look awesome. I have to look into getting a pick!I never saw it before. Glad your sister came thru for you, as I thought the same thing and would have picked it up for you. I love Tim Holtz stuff and understand how hard it is waiting for stuff to arrive. My hubby thinks I am nuts as my room is turning into Tim Holtz Central. Can't wait to see what you make with your goodies!!