Friday, 6 July 2012

Our Prairie Home.

Last week I came across the blog from Our Prairie Home.

This blog is about Laura and her familie who bought an old house that they want to renovate and Laura wants to salvage old furniture to decorate the house with.

She tells us in her blog about her day-to-day live with her husband and 6 kids and at the same time trying to restore the house and salvage different pieces of furniture to decorate it with.

She started her blog in Juli 2011 and in the mean time things have changed.
Not only is she still busy with the house and offcours her familie, she is now also selling her salvaged furniture in store!

I started reading her blog from the very first post she wrote and I absolutely LOVE reading it!

This week she is having a give-away to celebrate the debut of Prairie Patina at The Changing Season.

You can get up to 9 entries for entering this give-away and the price is a custom made pillow!

Below is an example but you can choose your own colours and/or qoutes to go on that pillow!

Go and check out her blog at :

Even when you are not interested in the give-away this is a very fun, interesting and inspiring blog to read and follow!!

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